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My name is Laura Wagner. I am a seventeen-year-old student from São Paulo, Brazil.

The Eyes For Brazil project was created with the intention of helping Brazilians from low-income communities whose difficulties were accentuated by the COVID-19 pandemic. I present to you a first collection of 27 digital artworks that will be made available as NFTs on the OpenSea Platform, with eight copies of each. One hundred percent of the net income collected from sales and royalties will go to selected NGOs (see our pledge and list of NGOs here).

The number of 27 artworks corresponds to the 26 Brazilian states plus Brasília, the country's federal capital. 

The drawings will feature aliens that have from zero to twenty-six eyes. The creature with no eyes represents Brasília, to express the disillusionment resulting from the inefficient administration of the pandemic by the Brazilian authorities.

NFTs will be launched progressively. The aliens in each drawing will be wearing masks. To buyers, the characters’ full faces will be disclosed. 

I believe that the eyes communicate our most intimate and personal thoughts.

I hope we can see better times ahead. 


Laura Wagner

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